Speedliner enhances and protects the inside of your vehicle with a resilient, waterproof coating which prevents rust and corrosion penetrating your vehicle. Our advanced system consists of a two part polyurethane elastomer and creates an air/watertight seal as well as greatly improving the appearance of the interior.

Speedliner is available in a range of colours and can have a smooth or rough finish to provide grip on walkable areas. The lining prevents corrosion and ingress of mould to areas that frequently get wet. There is a special agent that can be added into the Speedliner that stops any bacteria clinging to the linings. The vehicle is lined out in standard ply and sealed on any open edge, the vehicle is then masked off to protect from overspray, the areas that the coating is to adhere to are primed. The vehicle is then pulled into our spray booth to have the lining sprayed on in the desired colour. The vehicle is then left to become touch dry before being pulled out of the booth to air for a few days.

Key Features

  • Hard Wearing & Maintenance Free
  • Prevents Rust, Corrosion & Rub Spots
  • Quick Setting Advanced Elastomer
  • Available In A Variety Of Colours

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